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OLED company’s manufacturing and research base is designed and constructed in accordance with the needs of the preparation and purification of organic electronic materials. We have a 5000m2 R&D center and production plant, which is equipped with first-class production R&D facilities. The company has more than 600 sets of professional manufacturing equipment, including high-efficiency organic synthesis devices, large scale anhydrous and anaerobic reactors, many sets of high-vacuum purification devices and a pilot level production equipment which can prepare ten thousand organic white light devices(5×5 cm2) per year. The equipments could meet all kinds of reaction needs and ensure the capability of large-scale production of OLED materials. We also have many high-end detecting instruments including NMR Equipment, Thermal Gravimetric Analyzer, Elemental Analyzer, Differential Thermal Analyzer, Mass Spectrograph, Fluorescence Spectrophotometer, UV-visible Spectrophotometer and Micro Melting Point Apparatus, which can provide excellent quality assurance.


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