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   The company relies on incomparable R&D strength and academic talents from the State Key Laboratory of Supramolecular Structure and Materials of Jilin University, and we have engaged Professor Wang Yue as the technical director, who is a Changjiang Chair Professor and a National Outstanding Youth Fund Winner. With over ten years¡¯ technology research on the organic electroluminescence materials, the laboratory undertakes a series of national key projects such as ¡°973¡± project and ¡°863¡± project, accumulating deep foundation work and technical reserves on  organic electroluminescence materials and devices R&D, and also gets lots of achievements on basic research and applied technology. OLED company and Jilin University cooperates closely and has applied for many patents so far.

We take the technology R&D as our center and market requirements as our guidance. And we will make the company into a powerful, first-class high-tech enterprise.


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